Chip Kelly Orchestrated A Potential Division Winner in the Eagles

For Chip Kelly it is full steam ahead. The Eagles defeated the Chicago Bears, The score was 54-11. This my friend was a massacre. It was a meaningless game for the Eagles, because their showdown game is next week with the Dallas Cowboys for the division title. This is phenomenal. Shady McCoy, Nick Foles, and the rest of the team stood up.

The Eagles had over 500 total yards for the game. I got to give props to Nick Foles, who seems to never miss a pass. Last night he missed only missed 4 passes. Nick Foles is getting better and better with each game and realizing his potential. I was not on board when Chip Kely named him the starter over Mike Vick, because Vick is still a fantastic talent. However Mike Vick has old bones and an old body. Because of his style of play and his age, Mike Vick would have difficulty staying healthy and contributing for a full 16 game season.

Because of the need for continuity and durability at the quarterback position, Chip Kelly had no choice but to go with Nick Foles as his starter.

Now Foles will need to pass the test in the biggest game of his career, this one happens to be for the Division title. He needs to beat the Dallas Cowboys. By the way they destroyed Nick Foles in game one. But it's the Cowboys, so I give the edge to Foles this time.



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