Chaka Smart, Is a Winner

You know Chaka Smart, is a tough coach with values and courage. I admire the guy, and the job he has done at Virginia Commonwealth. The numbers speak for themselves where he has taken his club to national stage year in and year out. though Smart has had numerous offers to leave VCU, he stayed. I mean this guy could have just about any job in the country if he wanted it. However he has values and is not swayed by the Money. That's certainly worth talking about.

Smart put in the time, paid his dues and he is where he is because of it. His timeline to success is in a word exemplary. He is a young coach, he was born in 1977, played basketball at Oregon High School in Wisconsin, and attended Kenyon College in Ohio. He worked his way up in the ranks, by working hard. He begin his coaching career at California University of Pennsylvania where he earned a master's degree. He then served as an assistant at Dayton, Akron, Clemson and Florida, before accepting the Head coaching assignment at VCU.

Make no mistake, this is a smart coach, his pressing, hawking defensive style has proven to be the mantra that has fueled his success. This guy is the real deal. Smart improvably led the Rams to the final four in 2011. Ultimately losing to Butler. This led to a raise in salary that same year, primarily because nearly every major college team in the country was and is interested in Smart. His salary skyrocketed from $325,000 to an offer of $1.2 million per year for eight years. Smart has reached the final four three years in a role since 2010.












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