A Prescription to Overcoming Adversity

How do you handle adversity? What is your secret to getting through some of life’s toughest times? We all go through them. We hear this cliche nearly all the time, “Just live long enough and tough times will meet and greet you”. We are not immune from having to deal with adversity.

We are never prepared for it. We never expect it to happen. We do not have a survivor’s guide to meet unexpected problems. We often develop an insulation and isolate ourselves from the problem by pretending that it does not exist. I found that there is only one way to effectively deal with crises and adversity….. Give it to the Lord! When you are tired of wrestling with a problem and there is no end in sight; you start searching for a spiritual solution. Often when we seek spiritual solutions we lack a spiritual base because we have never had a meaningful relationship with the Lord.

How do you know that you have a relationship with the Lord? Have you asked Jesus to forgive your sins and to come into your life? That is the first an absolute necessary step you must take. Do you seek out the word of God through the Bible to discern His will? Do you pray and meditate on a daily basis? Is there a time of day that you specifically set aside for the Lord? These are basic requirements that help us all to build our faith base and our relationship with God. Do you seek to live a Godly life in the will of God? Do you truly live for God and not for the world?

Do your prayers seem to go unnoticed and unanswered? Often God hears your prayer, but he does not answer it. He chooses to respond in the way and time that He feels appropriate. Only God knows why he operates like this. Sometimes he surprises you and gives you an answer. He knows when to move the pieces of the puzzle around. He sees the entire puzzle. He can adjust the activation of solutions at the precise moment that it will be effective. A solution may not be imminent because God wants to have you in the reverent and humble state of mind in order to receive His Grace. You must be in alignment.

How will his solution for you effect others in this universe? That is an important question that requires God’s insight. Only he knows how the pieces of the puzzle will fit and whose lives it will effect. He has the Big Picture. His vision is much further than ours. We are limited in our thinking and possibilities seem limited. Miraculous things happen when you pray and read the Holy Word in the Bible.

We learn to apply practical trust. It is acquired trust. It is saying and doing what God’s word says we must do; not just in a crises situation, but in every situation. We begin in the mist of the crises to discover all manner of unrelated stories and advice in the Bible that can help us in other areas of our lives. The Bible is an interesting book, because it has a life of it’s own. By reading it in the mist of the storm we get comfort in other areas of our lives. Suddenly the original storm even though it is still there, becomes less and less of a factor. God’s word and living it becomes our focus.

We begin to deal with the storm by rising above our circumstances by seeking and permeating ourselves in God’s word through meditation and prayer. We find that we are ready and willing to apply these principles of trust in all facets of our lives. Supernaturally we begin to get more understanding about faith. Our problem is still there, but it begins to seems less of a mountain. You see, the more and more we devote to discovering the word, the more the power and grace of God begins to become a part of us.

We begin to learn about and understand what Jesus endured through His ordeal here on earth. He became like man so that He could set us free and give us a way to salvation. These are all powerful tenants that help us to overcome adversity.

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, who ever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life…….. John 3:16


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