Rest In Peace Nelson Mandela!


I remember when Nelson Mandela came to Washington DC. I was visiting the city during that weekend when Mandela and his then wife Winnie visited the White House to meet with President Bill Clinton, in 1992. Mandela was an icon at that time, particularly after he became President of South Africa. Given his past and the struggle that he went through this was a memorable time.

We tried our best to get a glimse of Mandela, but to no avail, so we hung out on the Mall and brought tee shirts and trickets signifying Mandela's vist to Washington. This was without a doubt a time of change and my wife and son and I were in the mist of History.

Mandela is revered even here in the United State for what he accomplished and how he eventually eradicated apartheid once and for all in South Africa. My son was so in awe of Mandela, that years later he visited South Africa as part of student exchange program. It was a great time for him. God rest Nelson Mandela's soul. He was a great man. Rest in Peace Nelson!



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