Is Peyton Manning The Greatest Quarterback Ever?

ManningOkay, I don’t follow Peyton Manning’s exploits, but I think we all got to give  a shout out to the  guy.   Can’t say I know a lot about him, but  I do know this is  the only man who can literally control an entire football game and orchestrate the outcome.  He’s  like a conductor on the field.  He can instantly read defenses and counter the play with audibles, some times multiple or  triple audibles.

His accuracy is unbelievable when he throws the ball. And he barely breaks a sweat when he’s on the field. Yesterday the guy had no third downs! No third downs.  That’s just like playing a basketball game to  50 points and spotting the guy 40 points and still beating him.

Oh did I mention that  he probably averaged  8 to ten  yards per possession yesterday in a 52-20  win over the Eagles?   And he’s 38 eight years old playing with against and with players who  who are possibly 12 to 15 years younger than him.  To be blunt  we are probably looking at the greatest quarterback  in NFL history in Peyton Manning.  A  certain Hall of Famer!


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