The Deal- The Authorities

Somehow it seems we have slipped away from the novel concept of basic human caring and concern.  It  is not even an after thought. Yeah it’s literally all about our world and our friends and buddies and those  we choose to let.  What’s up with that? Primarily this behavior  happens at work.   And you thought you left this behavior behind and it ended  in high school or college,or grad school.  We’ll it’s alive and well at your job!

Ahh, work!  You know the place where we all go even  though we  would be stretching the truth just a little bit if we said we loved it.  Yes the place where they play one  mind game after another to save you the agony of not being in the click and as as result you’re subject to the raft of the “authorities” when you are ruled out of abound in regards to your comments or some perceived slight.

While we’re on the subject, the authorities”  did not come with instructions and yes, the screws were missing when they were assembled.   Yes they are afflicted with an inability to  think and reason.   Only to do as they are told,  human robots. We were not made to be Robots.  We were made to be more like  Jesus Christ!  Yes you must follow the instructions to the letter!  You can’t return this item  the “authorities”even with a receipt” because they are voided due to defective assembly!


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