The Deal- A Sunday Moment (Health Insurance)

We are a week away from the Affordable care act. God made a way for those of us who do not have insurance, are who have  a pre-existent condition and can’t  get insurance. However there are those  in this world, who would like to sabotage God’s wishes perhaps because they have money in the bank, a way in and a way out.   If this is you. Know that God has blessed you. Get on you knees right now and Give the Glory to God for His blessing, though His Son Jesus Christ.

But even those of us who don’t have the same blessing, we are still blessed the way the Lord has seen fit, through His Son our Savior Jesus Christ.  I’m calling for a prayer, today, from all Americans. There are people hurting out here in this world.  Perhaps a neighbor, perhaps even your love one,who needs a hand up and a way out, and more specifically, Health Insurance.   I pray and know that Lord will prevail and give everyone who needs it Health Insurance, despite those who spitefully try to sabotage this Nobel effort. In Jesus Name we give all the Glory to God!


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