What if on Slavery- A thinking moment

I am a student of history and no period of time fascinates me more in American history than the Epic time during the Civil War. I picked up a book about a year ago unopened until last night and got a good feel of the institution of slavery. I learned that during this time, there were about 3.5 million slaves in the United States. These slaves originated from the west cost of Africa. Primarily because they could be captured fairly easily. Just as a side note there were additional crop of 5 million slaves who were captured and forced to work in the Caribbean, Jamaica, South America in Brazil, Argentina and other countries in that area.

Although there were about 3,5 million slaves in the U.S. about 35% of the population owned them. The assumption from this is that 35% of the population in the south had slaves, but a staggering 65% did not. How irrational was it for the sons of these 65% who did not own sales to be rallied in the name of racism, northern intervention, you name it to fight for a cause, that in no way benefited them?

Mind you, if you’ve ever seen Civil War movies are even studied this period, Southern troops often had no food , shoes or water. Yet the plantation owner got them to leave family and friends and homes to fight a war to keep slaves and a way of life that in no way benefited them. Am I missing soething here! The aurgument would be that the slaves helped to producedand harvest cotton, at least until the cotton gin effectively eliminated the need for them. Perhaps another augument would be we need to protect our women from these slaves if they became free. That is sort of suspect when you think about it any insurrection would not be tolerated.

In short the reality is the lower class whites in the south were fighting for the wrong cause, no they should have been fighting for a piece of the bigger pie that the large land owners owned in each and every southern state, land, cotton, and money. In short they were hoodwicked and bamboozled as they say. History would have been turned up side down if the poor whites banded together with the slaves to get a bigger piece of the pie! I’m just saying.


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