The Deal- The art of the Deal

Sometimes we are fragile. Sometimes we feel all alone. Yeah, that's not a totally comforting feeling. I'm with you. I feel the same way myself. The takeaway is this, when we feel this way it is important that we know there's a better way to deal with it.

Don't think that others don't understand your circumstances. Yeah that's probably true, but its more than that. No one will probably truly understand your circumstances or even how you feel. God knows this. The takeaway is that you need to understand that you're in charge of how you manage your own situations. Sometimes a friend can't help you, a professional can help initially, but when you're all alone you are at risk.

It's doing these times that you need a friend that sticks to you like a Brother, that my friend is Jesus Christ. He's a friend , a miracle maker who has overcome the world. Look to Him for direction, Devine answers and a way out of your circumstances. Oh yeah, He speaks to you through His word “The Bible”, Get a good study Bible, that can help you to understand the nature of the circumstances affect on you and you will be blessed through His 'Word.”

Remember if the circumstance lingers it is not according to God's plan to release you from its grip just yet. God still has lessons for your to learn from the circumstance. He will give you a way to live above your circumstances in the mist of the storm and until the storm passes over.



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