The Deal- Jesus Knows

A Sunday Moment

You know God has a way of speaking to you through His Son Jesus Christ. It's Powerful!!! When you're sick Jesus Knows! When you need a friend Jesus Knows! When you're on your last leg…..Guess What? Jesus Knows! When you need Devine Healing Guess What? Jesus Heals you! When you need a Friend, You got a friend, Oh what a Friend we have in Jesus! When you need comfort, Jesus Knows! Even right here right now, If you have a need, I'm here to tell you Jesus Knows!

You need a battle fought at work, Jesus knows! Get down on your knees right now and bless the Lord and our Lord Savior Jesus Christ and I guarantee you he will rescue you from your circumstance. Do You Know Him? If Not introduce yourself to Him Right Here, Right Now. Asked Him to come into your life for eternity, right Here, Right Now! Know Him and He will KNOW YOU! He Knows, and don't forget this….By His Stripes (39 stripes He received) we are healed!

God is Good and Jesus is LORD!




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