Republican Presidents Have A History of Overseeing Economic Disaster

Convergence of Relevant Stuff

Let’s call it what it is. Sleazy Republicans! They know they lie and they tell you to your face that they are liars. Admittedly the lipstick thing is a total fabrication by the Republicans. They are all talk, propaganda, and rhetoric. Republicans are empty suits. They can’t discuss issues because they don’t stand for anything of substance. Ask a Republican what they will do for you and you get generalities. No taxes, less government, etc. They have the same tired message and it is a recipe for disaster.

All one has to do is look at the Republican Presidential administrations since the 1920’s. Calvin Coolidge oversaw  prohibition and gangsters literally hijacking the country. Soon after  his Republican counterpart was elected, Herbert Hoover,  we saw the absolute worst depression in American history.   America was virtually destitute.    It took a Democrat, Franklin Roosevelt, to get America out of the most enormous economic…

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