All About Malbec

When I was diagnosed with advanced Prostate Cancer over 11 years ago I searched far and wide to get an edge in attacking the disease via the high antioxidant content of wine. For medicinal purposes I try to drink a half a glass of wine everyday or as often as possible. Most days I do not have wine and may not Drink it. But I try to drink it at least three days a week. I purchased Malbec wine for as little as $5.00. Shop around for the best price.

It is generally expensive. I am not a drinker, so I do have to force myself to drink it. Doing my research I have found that Malbec wine has one of the highest content of antioxidants of all the wines of the world. Grown in the mountains of Argentina, Malbec has become widely popular. As a matter of fact my doctor recommended that I drink a half of glass of Malbec each day. it is a very strong wine with a robust taste.

The French first made Malbec, but it did not come into its own until Malbec made it way to Argentina. Carried over by a French agriculturalist named Michel Pouget. It is believed to be grown on over 75,000 acres of land today in Argentina. Malbec is available in many different brands and also in a wide variety of prices. The next time you are in the market for wine with high antioxidant content give Malbec wine a try, particular from Argentina where the most potent wine is made from one of the world's highest antioxidant content grapes.




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