A Guide to Green Teas

While we’re on the subject. I learned that green tea and various varieties of Green Tea is packed with High Antioxidant content. There are many varieties of Green Tea. Green Tea is popular all over the world and grown in many places. China, Japan, South Korea, Indian, Africa, the United States, all produce varieties of green tea. Some green tea is more potent than others and thus yield more antioxidant content.

But purchasing highly potent green tea can be expensive. It is recommended that you drink five to six cups of green tea per day in order to get the benefits of green tea as a cancer fighter. The varieties of green tea known to be highly potent in anti-oxidant content are.

Oolong Green Tea

Sencha Green tea

Green Tea

If you buy any of this tea at the mall or at local grocery stores, it can sometimes be very expensive. I was fortunate enough to find an International Grocer, named Assi International Market. There you can find many different brands of Green tea from China, Japan, North Korea, where the tea is potent and loaded with Antioxidants. I purchase a large industrial size bag of Oolong tea, that yielded well over 150 cups of tea for $10 dollars. It is very economical at Assi Market.

As a cancer fighter it is said to inhibit the growth of cancer. Although I am still fighting Prostate Cancer, I have drank Green tea and continue to do so since 2002 when I was first diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.

If you have cancer, start drinking green tea today.


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