The Deal- A couple Of things on the Zimmerman Verdict

What else did we learn from the Zimmerman Verdict?

1. That many people do not want to deal with the issue of race. Its more convenient to point fingers at people who do than to actually acknowledge their own biases and outlooks that society more than likely would call call racist.

2.Most people say the juror's ruled according to the letter of the law. I believe they did. But the trouble is, the letter of the law is not sacred and it is not always right. In the George Zimmerman case. The letter of the law was flawed. Those who have not dealt with their racist feelings are in effect hiding behind flawed laws.

3. When people say that George Zimmerman was justified in shooting Trayvon Martin, do they know beyond a reasonable doubt what really happened that night? Can they really say with conviction that George Zimmerman really shot Trayvon Martin in self defense? Can they say beyond a reasonable doubt that Trayvon Martin was an aggressor that night and Zimmerman was justified in shooting him? Can they be 100% sure that George Zimmerman was telling the truth. The answer to all of these questions is no. Just because six juror agreed that George Zimmerman was innocent. In no way validates their verdict of not guilty.

4. I believe the prosecution put forth a bad case. They deserved to lose.That is something that the jurors could hang their hat on. It gave them an out to completely exonerate George Zimmerman. It also gave them an out to ignore the issue of race and how it continues to weave into the very fabric of America.

5. The prosecution actually gave a half hearted effort which in effect allowed six jurors to avoid dealing with the 10,000 pound elephant in the room, bias, prejudice and racism.




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