Republicans Are Insensitive to The Black Race

The George Zimmerman verdict is not the only eye opening ruling that has recently affected African Americans. The republican administrations now want to kill the Food stamp program for less fortunate people. The Supreme Court gave them an assist to sanction the Voter ID role to require everyone to identify themselves when voting and virtually eliminated the 1965 Civil Rights act. Now this will limit the number of African American who desire to vote.

The stand your Ground Act and the Zimmerman verdict now gives license to anyone to shoot and kill African Americans and virtually walk away “Not Guilty”. Republicans are putting up roadblocks to block any and everything President Obama tries to do. In effect making him an ineffective President in His second term. Republicans are working hard to impeach President Obama. All of this points toward bigotry and racism. The conversation is about race and equality. Until we all rise up to call if what it is, we are destined to destroy everyone liberties.



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