The Deal- Your World?

Your world, your prism is what it's all about. Yeah you're comfortable, feeling good. Maybe you will drive down to the coast, to the beach house. Maybe you'll sell your house and buy a bigger one down the street. You're not worried about your job, what you will eat, because John at work has your back. After all he's your golf buddy.

You can't relate, no need to worry about anyone who can't make their own way. They are losers, yeah that's what they are. You know if this is your world. At least that's what you think. That God blessed your reality. Thank him that you have what you have. Don't become proud and believe you made it happen. Know that God allowed it to happen, because in the end you have no control over anythng, it's God's world and he can take it away from you at any time. You brought nothing into this world and you can carry nothing out.

Give back while you can and throw self importance and bigotry out the door. They over stayed their welcome in your home. You home is not your physical home. Your home is inside you. Give back the way the Lord expects you to do.



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