The Deal- How to face a challenge


We face tremendous odds on a daily continuous basis. Our problems become obstacles that we need to overcome; these obstacles challenge our faith. Nothing but the love of Jesus Christ can give us what we need to face the unknown and not be blindsided by a sudden confrontation manufactured by this fallen world.

Our determination to live Christian lives is measured by our faith meter. That is; how rich is our faith and how prepared are we to live above our circumstances? That is our challenge. God never told us that the journey would be easy. He never told us that we would not face sickness, turmoil, or adversity. If we live long enough we will be challenged! In fact he said that we would have these things in our lives on a daily basis. Chances are if we took inventory of the many things that confront our existence, we would have our fill of life’s adversities.

There are effective ways that we can pro actively deal with conflict and adversity in our lives.

1.) Face it directly– Do not shy away from challenges but face them with a spirit of prayer. Isolating the core of the challenge to effectively identify how to approach it and how to resolve , and perhaps fix it; removes it’s impact on your our life.

2.) Schedule a time to deal with it-  It is important that you do not confront a problem when you are least prepared to deal with it. The problem must be assessed and your mind must to clear and prepared to  deal with both negative and positive responses. Some challenges or adversity are on going; that is when we must learn to nurture and grow our faith, which allows us to step away from the challenge and to live above it. God gives us more faith as we grow in His word. That is our shield. Read the bible daily to nurture and move your faith up to the top of the faith meter.

3.)Refuse to enable inappropriate behavior-You must know that sometimes you are faced with with behavior that is inappropriate and not from God. We must acknowledge it; but do not condone it. Know that we live in a fallen world; that in itself explains all the decadence and sinfulness that permeates society. We will be challenged.  Confront the challenge armed with God’s word as your reference and your guide. God’s word is your strength.

4.) Use the Challenge as on opportunity to grow- Recognize that each challenge is an opportunity to grow and to increase your faith in dealing with adversity. What can you learn from this situation? How did your faith help you overcome the problem?

5.)Don’t dwell on the conflict or problem– Once you have addressed the problem give it to the Lord and let Him carry the ball for you. Let it go! You’ve done all you can, let God do the rest.

There is no problem too big for Jesus Christ to handle. Remember he has already conquered the world!


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