The Deal- On Self Importance

Somehow we allow the unwanted characteristic of self inportance to enter into our being, our existence. We become that main idea. The main chapter and the main event rolled in one. We are afflicted by our own self importance. We walk around with an aire, a flow and an attitude. Look at me! Give it up for me!

You know that not right. We're so wrapped up in ourselves, where we are going, what we are doing that nothing or no one else matter. It becomes all about us and not about service to others. Let's face it. All of us at one time or another or guilty of this.

But we must check our pride at the door and throw away the ticket. You want need it anymore. God made us to be more like Him. Giving , sharing, concerned about others. Now that what and how we should strive to be. The more humble and caring you are, the more you are like The Lord.



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