Brad Stevens- New Celtic Coach, Great Move!

I am still trying to wrap my thoughts around the fact that Brad Stevens is now the Head Coach of the Celtics. Okay, on first blush, yeah this might be a great gig for Stevens and an even greater move by the Celtics. But the skeptic in me begs to think about the many college coaches who had tried their luck as an NBA coach. Very few have succeeded. But Brad Stevens is a genius and he adds a great coaching mind. He is a motivator and brings real world coporporate experience to the table to boot.

Given that type of resume, I say he will be a great coach. The Celtic stage is high and expectations in Boston will be even higher. So this will be no walk in the park for Stevens. He was sucessful beyond belief at Butler, taking the them to two consecutive final fours and almost winning one. In my opinion he did it with unorthodox players with skills. In other words he won and won big using unconventional coaching philosophies.

I like the move and hope that he can co-exist with Danny Ainge. That will be a challenge, but the Celtics are giving him room to do his thing. I say he has a more than a good chance to succeed. He will win big with players who will fit his system and personality. It will be fun to watch!




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