The Deal- On the Throwback

It's Throwback Time! I'm not talking about the typical throwback Jersey, The NFL Football Jersey that the Pittsburgh Steelers or whatever wore back in the Day. Yeah those were the days. But we can't by any means live in the past, no we must fight to focus not on the past, but right here, right now on in the here and now. Today, this moment, this second. Because this time is what really is important to Lord. You can rock your throwback jersey, yeah it's great. But your purpose is to remain in the word, right here, right now.

To get there we need to go to the Bible, the Ultimate “Throwback Book”. My friend, it is timeless, the words that were written thousand of years ago are still relevant. You don't need to tune in to the latest reality show. That's a worldly invention. No, we all need spiritual intervention that will move us closer to The Lord. Now that is Powerful. The Lord's Word is awesome and through His Word our steps are ordered by The Lord.





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