My father once preached a sermon entitled Looking Back/Only The Strong Survive. The title came from a hit single from Jerry Butler 1969 hit entitled “Only The Strong Survive” He borrowed the titled for the text and body of his sermon. Though it was a secular song, the words were meaningful.

The song focused on how a mother consoled her son, after the girl that he loved left him. She told her son there will be a lot of trouble in your life, but just hold out and everything will be alright.

Only The Strong Survive

I see you sitting out there all alone,
Crying your eyes out, cause the girl that you love is gone.
Well its going to be,its going to be, a whole lot of trouble in your life.
Listen to me boy, get up off your knees cause only the strong survive.

That what she said, Only the strong survive.
Only the strong survive.
Hey you gotta be strong, you gotta hold hold on.

There's a whole lot of girls looking for a good man like you.
Ah but you will never meet them if you give up now and say your life is through.

Only the strong survive, Only the strong survive, hey, you got to be a man, you got to take a stand. Lyrics to Only The Strong Survive

The sermon touched on the key point that we need to be “Strong” in the Lord's will and in his word. “Survival” means that we need to be over comers in this fallen world. To learn to live above our circumstances as we make our way through life's pitfalls and setbacks. We need to have Jesus love and care in order to weather the storm and have the reality of survival through Jesus Christ. Yes only the strong survive through Jesus Christ and Almighty God.

John 3:16- For God so loved the world that he gave His Only Son, who ever believes in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.




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