Voting Rights Act- KeepYour Eye On The Prize??

Keep Your Eye on the Prize. A civil rights staple. It kept the Freedom riders and workers hyped and optimistic, in the face of death. These workers went through all manner of persecution, particularly for the right to vote. The Voting rights act protected black voters who were subject to poll taxes and literacy test. Once again the Supreme Court steps on the side of the line they should not dare to step. President Lyndon Johnson is turning over in his grave. You remember this is the same Supreme Court that put President Bush in office. At least Bush had the courage to support the Voting Rights act.

Now they have unleashed rampant racism across the south and anywhere else racism still exist in other parts of this country. The legacy of Martin Luther King was tarnished with the Supreme Court's ruling today. Republicans and Tea Party dignitaries are partying tonight. You see this act stomps on the blood and sweat of countless Civil Rights workers who were killed fighting for Freedom. This ruling will set this country back 75 years.


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