The Deal- Fight Through Adversity

Adversity is part of the evolution. Part of the process that we must go through to reach the prize. Adversity molds and shapes us. Adversity brings out the best talents that the Lord has given us.  You know the concept, whether you realize it are not.  The reality is you got to do more in order to become the person you are destined to be.  That’s our reality. Yes that is our focus.

God already ordained it for you and for me. So we’re in a fight.  Its a fight that we can win. It is a fight that is promised to us.  We must do this for God today, because the reality is tomorrow is not promised to us.  God wants us all to be all that we can be in Christ and afterwards all the  resulting blessing come right from HIM.

Think about it  world class basketball players have to put in the time, no matter what God given talent they may have.  They have to work on the weaker parts of their game in order  to remain competitive.  They must be fearless and relentless in order to overcome deficiencies in their game.  That’s that way life is.  You have to become  a willing student to reach where the Lord wants you to go.  You can’t think or believe  that you know everything there is to know. That you got it all going on and you have the confidence to move through any situation. You know what, you’re only human. You are limited. Humanly limited.  But God wants you to fight. God wants you to live up to your legacy. So when you are in a real fight, it will not be pretty, know you must dig in and reach for the resources that God has given you.

Don’t give up listen to the Lord and most of all fight this fight for the Lord and put on the full Armour of God.  He will lead you through. You Got THIS!  You fight this fight for the Lord, because adversity is merely a warning sign that blessings are right around the corner.  Adversity is a sign that the enemy wants to steal the prize from you. He knows if you give up,  you will never reach your prize. Don’t let the enemy hoodwink and bamboozle you. No, you’re better that. Don’t go out like that! You Got to Fight!  Keep your eye on the prize and keep on Fighting.  Claim the prize by fighting through adversity.


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