The Deal- It’s Already Done!

Our eyes are blind. We think we have to perform some sort of action, make it happen. We feel we must do something before The Lord moves in our lives. Never mind that we already planted the seed of worship and praise. Never mind that we nurtured and grew the seed within us through the WORD. That is powerful! You see The Lord already provided for you and if open your eyes you will see it. It's already done! All we have to do is ask in Jesus Name and diligently stay in the WORD.

You see we operate in a human realm of reality and we can only SEE if we trust the promises of God.

It is what it is!

God may not get there when you want Him to, but He is always right on time!

The next time you feel discouraged. The next time you feel alone, the next time you feel God is not hearing you, Just remember this……. It is already done!

Just Wait On The Lord, stay in the word and watch the blessings begin to flow.

It's already done!



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