You're all along, at least today it seems that way. The world is pressing against you. Doors are shutting, your friends and relatives seem to desert you, and somehow you're out there so alone. Yeah, here we go again you think, somehow this seems like a broken record, repeating the same stanza over and over again. Yeah it makes sense in your mind , and your thoughts are in agreement with your reality so it's a wrap!! Yet mysteriously a few days, weeks, or month later things start to change, contrary to the thoughts that the enemy placed in your mind just a few weeks ago.

You've lived a Christ centered life, did all you could to be a good Christian soldier, but you asked, why did it happen to me? You know that truly is a “duh” QUESTION you see God has a plan for you through His Son, our Savior Jesus Christ. That plan is for you to truly and whole heartedly trust in THE LORD JESUS. Not doubt that He has already saved you, but rather embrace the fact that he accomplished the work for you on Calvary. You do not have to earn it through deeds. It's a gift freely given on Calvary. Just like Nike says “Just Do It”, Jesus says emphatically “JUST TRUST”. Now that is a true this time in history moment!

At This time in History Jesus did what He said He would do in your life, after you exhausted all resources, feelings, and emotions, you took it upon yourself to just stand and TRUST IN JESUS. He may not get there when you want Him to, but He is always right on time!




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