The Deal- On the WORD


You have a problem. No it’s not in Houston, but it seems to dominate your thinking, causing you to to lose whatever tread of control that you think you have on this earth.  You seek advice from many success experts, possibly the one that sits next to you at work,they seem to have it going on. But no, that’s your mind playing tricks on you with thoughts like that. Compliments of the  enemy.  No need to waste your time on fads or devote your lunch time to the latest  best seller or the iPad.  Save yourself a lot of time and buy yourself some peace. Look to the “Word”.   Spend time in God’s Word each and everyday.  Look to Jesus and the Cross.  A Magnificent thing was done for you there! Cash in on Jesus’gift  today and pick up the book that’s  filled with the WORD,  The Holy Bible. The absolute #1 best seller ever.


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