The Louisville Cardinals Win One For Kevin Ware

Without a doubt we witnessed one of the most gruesome injuries ever on a basketball court. Kevin Ware’s  broken leg where the bone was broken in two places. Ware’s Louisville teammates and an arena full of fans were stunned, upset and concern not so much about the game, but more about the well being of Kevin Ware.  But if one could take anything  away from this tragedy is that Ware will be okay.  Coach Rick Pitino said that Ware could only repeat over and over again to win the game for him so that the team could get to Atlanta.   Ware’s teammates were devastated.  The gathered together on the court to pray for their fallen teammate.  It was heartfelt moment that the team experienced.

The team felt they owed it to Kevin Ware to win the game. Pitino mentioned that they needed to bring bring Kevin home to Atlanta. That was the rallying cry for the Louisville Cardinals. Bring Kevin Ware home to Atlanta.  Pitnio said they had to win this game for Kevin. It was not long after this that Louisville   would defeat Duke convincingly.

Pitino said: “It was terrible to watch. I felt awful for the players, I felt awful for the fans. But we had to gather ourselves. We couldn’t lose this game for him. We just couldn’t.”

With about a minute left, Behanan left the bench briefly and returned wearing Ware’s No. 5 jersey. The Cardinals will pack it for their next trip, to Atlanta, his hometown.


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