The Deal- The Wilderness

If you’ve ever been in the season of life called the “wilderness” you know what I’m talking about. Perhaps everything is going wrong and no matter what you do, its does not get better, things just get worst. It seems you will never find a way out of this circumstance. You grab hold of hope , but your time in this trial seems as if it is unending. If this is your reality, you’re in  the “wilderness”.  It often a season of despair  sometimes brought on to strengthen our faith in the Lord.  Sometimes the “enemy”, will try to tear you down to tempt you to reach for straws or do something that will alienate you from the Lord.

When you’re in this season, always look to the cross and look to the Lord Jesus. There are always lessons to be learned and God wants us to learn them to strengthen our faith and our resolve. Hunker down and stay in the word, there lies the answer.  The word builds us up and makes us whole and we can withstand attempts from satan to turn us around.  Because Jesus was tempted in the wilderness a long time ago He knows your need.  Stay in the word, found in the Holy bible. Jesus will see you through the storm. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.


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