The Deal- Speak Over Yourself and Declare Victory Through Christ Jesus

The evil side.  Perhaps you know of  what I speak. Somehow that untouched  corner of your world can harbor thoughts and feeling that can be hurtful to others. Usually it is rooted in jealousy are some other un- Godly  emotion.   It is simply something that the enemy uses to set you off.  You see the enemy  has no power. All he can do is throw stuff out there and hope you react. Yeah, he’s annoying to say the least. Now he has the gall to reach into his bag of tricks to cause you to go off on someone in a way that you will regret.

Remember this, you have the power, through God’s glory and  the work of Jesus on the Cross at Calvary. When Jesus died on the cross He defeated satan once and for all. Call up and use your power. Speak over yourself and call victory over satan’s  evilness  through Christ Jesus.  Jesus already paid the price for  you on the cross and He has  given you the victory. Claim it  today and declare victory through Christ.


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