The Vault Within Us

God provides for our  subsistence and our spiritual richness. No need to challenge that statement.  Our to get it certified by a Gold dealer, a registered appraiser, or any thing of that sort.  You see the Lord provides for us and protect us,  He is our Shepard and leads us through turbulent waters until we reach the other side. That is exactly what the Lord does. He is our insurance policy against loss, against devastation and our property, which is really His.  We cannot take anything out of this world.  We came into this world with nothing and we will leave with nothing.

Paul made a point in  Romans Chapter 3, that people innately and intuitively  know they are sinners. Not the Surgeon General, but the Great Physician tells us that sin pollutes and affects every man.  yet like the tobacco industry , we put up smoke screens and  say, “wait a minute. I’m not sure I can be labeled a sinner.   The truth is in our hearts we know we are. We must remove the smokes screens and own up to the collection we have stored in our vault.  The vault of sin.  God know what lies there.


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