The Deal- The Fruit

Here’s  the concept. The Deal if you will.   We read about the fruit. I’m  not talking about an apple, a pear or even a grape. I’m talking about the dynamics of the fruit.  We know the apple, the pear, or even other fruit takes time to grow to nurture and to be what God wants it to be. You prune the tree in your back yard. Apply the mulch each spring to nourish it. Before you know it  we have an abundant harvest. it might take 1 year,  2 years are even ten, or a lifetime  but that tree keeps  producing until finally it  bears fruit, a harvest.

That’s what God does in our  Life.  It takes time, but we must spend quality time with the Lord. Not just a little time, quality time. As a matter of fact God wants your time. When you give it to Him wonderful things have a chance to happen. You receive the fruit.  It might be 1 year, 2 years, 3 years or  a lifetime of devoting quality time. Confess your sins to the Lord Jesus, God’s  Son, and you will have the gift of eternal life. No one comes to the Father, unless they confess to His Son Jesus Christ.

But one of the gifts that God gives is  fruit. It is the Fruit of the spirit that God gives us when He’s ready. Nurture your garden and wait on the Lord. He will deliver an abundant harvest.  The Fruit of the Spirit will be yours.  What the gift is  only God knows.  He may not get there when you want Him to, but God is always right on time!


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