The Deal – On The Dollar

wpid-Photo-Sep-6-2012-741-PM.jpgIt’s all about the dollar, yeah that’s now our reality.  You know somehow it seems like we’ve played the   same old record before.   It’s not like it’s “White Christmas”,  Moon River, or Kanye. We’ve played that tune before and saw it consumes us, take all of our time, and now guess what?  We’re in its  clutch once again. Yeah you look up, look down and try to rationalize, I’m doing the work I do for my family.  It’s not a dream, it my reality and your reality.

I hope you’re not about to make this  whole thing your  master!  That would be a mistake that you’ll pay for in the end.  You see the Lord Almighty is the Author and Finisher of our fate and controls the currency we worship. Until you get that and know that His Son Jesus Christ delivered us a long time ago, you will never be free.  The antidote is simple, right here right now ask Jesus to come into your life.  Confess your sins to Him. Make Jesus the Author of your life!  The story you write  from then on will be a best seller! He smacked the daylights out of the concept of the dollar and has a place for you in His heart and then you’ll realize, Its not about the dollar…… IT’S ALL ABOUT THE LORD!


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