The Deal- On Rejecting Hate

People grow to hate, sometimes based on concrete occurences, sometimes based on off based beliefs, sometime based on one's mistaken reality. The point is, hate has no justification only a quest to justify the act, belief in our own minds. The pressure that we put on ourselves to hate is tremendous. Hate must be nurtured, you must give more than lip serivce to it. Hate will consume you, demand more than you can give and occupy your mind 24/7. It's more than an annoying neighbor. It lives inside of you, consuming your work time, consuming your free time until finally you have no time for yourself.

Are you really interested in knowing this demon? Do you want to nuture and grow this intruder? I think not. Before you go on this excursion to no where meet the opposite friend. Yes the one that willing to share a life of forgiveness, a life redemption. Yes it is a powerful friend. I believe you may enjoy this friend much, much more. Try it, you will like this new friend, its called……..Love!


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