Rev. CT Vivian’s Seminar on Race Relations

I once attended a workshop conducted by Rev. CT Vivian, a  Civil Rights worker and Freedom Marcher who  marched   at the side of  Martin Luther


King doing the late fifties and sixties.  Rev. Vivian is noted for his stance on Civil  Rights. Because of pioneers like him, the walls of segregation in the south came tumbling down.  It was a great experience.

I was able to talk with   Rev. Vivian and get to know him  as best one could, from a two day seminar.  The seminar was about race and the powerful impact that prejudice has on our society in the late eighties, and more surprisingly even today.  Without a doubt it was a powerful seminar.  Rev. Vivian’s sole intention was to draw out  the admission of racism from the inner core of  the seminar’s participants.  It was shock  tactics gone wild. Rev.Vivian was literally in the face of participants, and it was a total  shock to us all.

We have progressed mightily since those days, however we are often left to wonder have we really progressed? Given the rampant racism the President Obama  was  forced to deal with doing his campaign for the White House and  doing his campaign to win re-election.  Rev. Vivian’s tactics were  forceful and some would say laced with  what some would call reversed racism.  The tactic was to simply draw out  racism at it’s  core through confrontation.  It was a powerful and overwhelming  seminar on race and its affects on how we view one another. It  could be even more effective even today.

Take a ways from the seminar included the reality moment  that minorities cannot stop racism on their own. The Majority race has a responsibility to stop it whenever they witness it. Why because they have the power to do it.  The first step is to admit you are prejudice.  No one wants to admit this, it is sickening and certainly not something you would want others to know.  Then you must understand   where prejudiced thoughts and behavior came from and allowed to nurture,  grow in one’s mind. Once you understand  you  are prejudiced  then you have the courage to think where it originated, only then can you take the necessary steps to rid yourself of prejudice



3 thoughts on “Rev. CT Vivian’s Seminar on Race Relations”

  1. I also had the opportunity to attend the race awareness seminar witj C.T. Vivan. it was the most eye opening seminar I ever had the honor to attend. I still remember the sessoon as if it was yesterday – it was in the mid-90s!!

    1. I attended the Seminar in 1989 and appreciate the opportunity. Today I view race with a different eye and more understanding. C.T. Vivian’s seminar was powerful and the takeaways were life altering. Thank you for your comments!

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