John F. Kennedy

John Kennedy was a visonary. Someone who was not afraid to go against the grain and a person who pioneered standing up for the rights of those who could not stand up for themselves. Kennedy was not adverse to making tough decisions. He contemplated his actions and only acted after thinking through the situation.

Kennedy was thinker and an astute politician. He was cool under fire and when he needed to be, he was tough as nails. This was America's first visionary President. Ufortunately President John Kennedy was assasinated. We will never know what kind of impact he would have on this country and on the world, because he was killed by an assasin. However he mad a lasting impression on this country and the world.

Kennedy had his infidelities at a time when this was winked on by the world. In this day and time this would tarnished his Presidency and his reputation. This was a fault, however all humans have faults. So you must judge him, by the policies he set and the standard he made. He was not the greatest President ever. He was one of the most influential and charismatic presidents that America has known.


























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