The Lost Knot Hole Card- Prayer Changes Things

From time to time I like to write about this. It was a transformational moment in my life and because this happened to me I knew there was and is a God. It is a true story and I love telling it. I was eight years old at the time and in the third grade. We had just finished all of our lessons for the day. Our teacher had a surprise for us. He passed out Knot Hole cards that allowed free admission to a minor league baseball game in the city that I lived in at the time.

I had never been to a professional baseball game, but this was my chance to see a professional game. I was excited. The teacher gave us our cards right before the end of school and then gave us this stern warning, DO NOT LOSE YOUR KNOT HOLE CARD! If you do, do not come to school. I tucked my knot hole card in my pocket and started to walk home. Our parents were to sign card and we were instructed to bring it back to school and present it to the teacher the next day.

Man was I excited, I could see myself in the stands watching a baseball game. As soon as I got home I reached into my pocket to get the card so my Father could sign the card. A funny thing happened when I reached in my pocket to get the Knot Hole card, there was no card to be seen or found. You won’t believe how scared I was when the card mysteriously disappeared from my pocket. All I could think of was the teacher said don’t come back to school without your Knot Hole card!

I did not have my Knot Hole card. Yes, I lost it! I spent the next six hours crying and telling my parents, I can’t go back to school without my card. I was the poster boy for the importance of this slogan “Don’t Leave Home Without It”.

After putting myself through intense agony and my parents going crazy searching everywhere to find the card, My mother finally said. Why don’t you pray to God to find your card. I said, pray to God? What good will that do? She said, go ahead and pray to Him. So I got on my knees and I started praying. “Lord I lost my Knot Hole Card, I can’t go back to school without it! Can you please help me find my card? Amen.

I finally calmed down and a peace came over me and I went to sleep. Morning came and it was time to go back to school. About a half hour before it was time for me to leave, someone knocked on our door. My father opened the door and a teenage girl had something in her hand. She said, “I found this card in the street and I believe it belongs to your son.” My father brought the card to me and both my mother and father said, you prayed a powerful prayer and the Lord answered your prayer. It was at that moment that I knew there is a God and he actully listened, heard and answered the prayer of a little kid like me. God can choose to intervene where ever he chooses, this day he worked through the teenage girl to return the card to a kid who tried God and got a surprise response. Prayer Changes Things!!


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