President Obama Appeals for the Votes of Americans

Barack Obama, admitted that he felt the need to turn to a higher power. He transformed from a young person with the potential of widsom. To a President who not has the insight and discernment that the weight of the office of the Presidency gave him. Obama focused on his transformation. The President wanted you to know the trials and tribulations that he has been through have made him a more mature President and man. Because he is a President in office, he now has a different perspective that he himself did not have four years ago,

This is a man that has the wieght of his country and the world on his shoulders. This makes him a reestablished President. But he never gave up on hope, he asked America to not give up on hope. He asked them to take responsibility by asking them for their vote. The President rallied the crowd and and admonished them to vote for him. He's definitelyhas my vote.

President Obama is a smart man and today he even more than four years ago. That's the crux of his speech and the meaning of it.


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