The Christian Methodist Church Unity Conference

CME Unity Summit Frequently Asked Questions
What is the CME Unity Summit?
 A consolidated annual meeting for the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church was approved by the 2010 General Conference.
What is the focus of the CME Unity Summit?
 To provide educational, training and
nurturing ministries.
 Opportunities to meet, teach, reach,
grow and empower members.
Which meetings are featured at the CME Unity Summit?
 Annual CME Convocation
 General Connectional Board
 Women’s Missionary Council
Executive Board
 Connectional Lay Institute
 Connectional Young Adult Retreat
 Ministry to Men Retreat
What cost savings will the CME Unity Summit provide me and the CME Church?
 The CME Church will save hundreds
of thousands of dollars annually!
 CME members will save an average of $2,000-5,000 in hotel, airfare and
registration fees!
 Requires less time away from work
and family!
 Maximize time for local church
ministries that deserve our energy, attention and fiscal resource!


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