Thoughts on Whitney Houston’s Funeral

Whitney Houston funeral service was held this morning. It was in a word an event, of family, friends and those close to the family who attended the event and they family appeared to do it without fanfare, but with more a dedication to the direction of the life Whitney lived..

Her high school principal mentioned that Whitney Houston honed her skills around the greatest singers if all time Aretha Franklin, Dionne Warwick, were her mentors. Whitney was raised to be a singer, even though many did not realize it. She was a well-connected person, who knew lots of celebrity.

Whitney Houston taught modern pop and R&B singers how to sing. A lot of today’s singer modeled their delivery after Whitney Houston. She carried the torch. But more importantly Whitney Funeral was truly a celebration of life, with singing and praise being given to the Lord in Celebration of Whitney Houston’s life. It was truly an African- American going home celebration. BeBe Winans tribute was telling with the insight on Whitney’s life. Tyler Perry’s tribute, about the Love that Whitney had for the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Kevin Costner, spoke at the funeral. Spoke about what becomes of our broken hearts. Kevin Costner said that they both grew up in the Baptist church. His grandmother played in the choir. Costner said his earliest memories were tied into the Baptist Church.

It was great funeral and it was a tribute well given.


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