Aretha Franklin Gave Insight On Whitney Houston on CNN

Aretha Franklin  gave a telling an informative interview on CNN on Whitney Houston’s death on  Sunday night.  Aretha Franklin was Whitney’s Godmother and early on helped to shape and guide her career.  She was a close friend to Whitney’s mom, Cissy Houston as well.  She talked about the  pitfalls of being an overnight  star and the pressures of stardom that  come with it.  Aretha  felt that Whitney was  turning the corner on the difficulties that she had encountered.  However Aretha shed light on  the pressures of stardom and gave  heartfelt advice to those in the entertainment or in the public eye.  She said her father, Rev. C.L. Franklin once told her that you must prepare yourself for the time when the music stops, the accolades go away,  and  someone younger than you enters the spotlight and  perhaps takes it away from you.  That day will come.  Her advice was to prepare yourself for it, and be prepared for life after stardom.

That is  insightful and practical advice that not only applies to those in the entertainment industry, but also in  major league sports, and other fields. Athletes as well must prepare themselves for the day when  they cannot as high, run as fast, shoot better, pass better than  the next person. There is definitely an up and coming  younger person that commands the spotlight and suddenly the fame and fortune is gone. Those in the public eye must be able to deal with these changes.  Aretha Franklin has withstood the test of time and continues to  be an icon in the music industry despite her age, her fame continues.


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