Obama’s Lays Out Many Initiatives in State Of The Union Address

President Obama’s State of the Union Speech tonight, was in a word, interesting. It was defiant, it was ideological, it was partisan, he introduced provocative ideas, and he certainly gave Republicans something to think about. One thing is clear Obama plans to take it to the republicans during this Presidential election season.

There’s not really one part of the speech that one can focus on, it touched on so many segments held dear to Democrats. Obama, more than anything set the agenda for the platform that he intends to run on in the fall. This is where Obama will fight and attack on multiple fronts. Jobs, tax breaks, all were part of his strategies. Obama’s goal tonight was to create the beginnings of a grassroots campaign.

President Obama hinted toward cutting toward cutting or reforming social security and medicare. In some respects Obama is still trying to compromise with Republicans. We will see where this all in ends up, but the one constant that gives all Democrats room for optimism is that Republican policies and strategies will always ultimately fail.


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