Why Voter Turnout is Lacking

Perhaps another way to increase voter turnout is to put forth engaged and exciting candidates. In most elections this rarely happens. Lets face it people must be really excited to feel the absolute necessity to show  up at the polls to vote.

Look, most of us feel voting is our civic duty.  It is something that is our right to do as Americans. If we don’t vote, we are not only throwing away one of our most cherished rights, but we are unappreciative of many people who gave their lives so we could have this privilege. Many Americans respect that right and thank the men and women who made it possible.

If you are one of those who regularly vote, you respect our civic duties and you are to  be commended.  But there are so many who could care less about their civic duty.  The challenge is how do  we reach these people, who fall in the category of “could care less”?   You know if they are in this category they are probably not registered. Which is an entirely  different issue and fuel for another blog post.

These are more of the issues facing our American electorial system.  The debate  must continue to improve the situation.


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