When Mitch Speaks, Republican’s Listen- Payroll Tax, Medicare and Unemeployment Highjack Lifted

The Republicans in a startling move finally came to their senses and approved a two month extension of the Payroll Tax and Medicare payments, as well as jobless unemployment payments. The move opened the gates to fund a good number of much needed programs to keep those who work and those who can’t afloat. The whole point of this Republican charade is well pointless.

I really can’t tell you why, and probably you don’t have an explanation either. So we are all speechless. Maybe all this drama is just an insane hatred of President Obama, which probably has underlying undertones. We will leave that discussion for another day. The good news is someone slapped some sense into the Republicans. Could it be Mitch McConnell? How about Newt, he seems to be the sanest Republican at the moment.

In any event let’s give the Republicans a round of applause, even though it is great that we did not hear the greatest lie of all come from the Mouth of Republicans, “The American People Have Spoken” no it seems like what really happened is Mitch McConnell spoke and Congress perhaps caved? Mitch McConnell?? Who would have thought?


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