Republicans Are Terrrible Strategists

There are many examples to describe Republicans and trust me they run the full gamut of  explanation.  Trust me it is also a lot of fun writing about them. I can give you tons of examples.  But for this exercise lets start with the  Republican led  Congress voting just the other day to dissallow the  payroll tax cut.

That’s right Ladies and Gentleman your fellow Republicans want to take money out of your pocket beginning January  1, by voting against an extension of the payroll tax cut. Yet they want to ask you to vote President Obama out of office, and are doing all they can to influence you to do it. At least that is what they think they are doing. We’re not dealing with the smartest bunch in the world. 

Ever  heard the saying “The lights are on but no one is home?”  That describes  your typical Republican.  Who in their right mind would take money out of the American People’s pocket in an election year? The Answer, a Republican.


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