Leaders Check Your Ego and Ambition At The Door And Do What’s Best

Everyone knows how Bobby Knight ruled with an iron fist over his basketball team, nothing wrong with that. But everyone also knows that Bobby night was a dominating personality who defined everything and everyone around him.  It was all about him, and this ultimately became his downfall.   What about General George Patton, another great example of everything  centered around him. Make no mistake he was great General, but Patton was interested in his own self promotion, at the expense of the army that he commanded.  Patton and Knight accomplished great things, however they both suffered downfalls in the end. Why?  Because of their insatiable appetite for the limelight  or to run a ship their way and their way only.  General George Custer, wanted all the glory and this ultimately caused his own death at the Little Big Horn by making reckless irrational decisions at the expense of reason. All in the name of perceived glory.

These were all great men, who accomplish great things, but they cannot go down in history as outstanding leaders because their egos would not let them.  They considered themselves to be bigger than the events or people that they commanded or coached.  They were in it entirely for themselves.  Leaders must develop a servant hood attitude. You owe it to the the people that work under you. If you are in a leadership position, you are indirectly impacting the lives of everyone under you.  Perhaps you are not on a battlefield, maybe you merely work in corporate America, just consider  the impact of your decisions and your orders and what it means to those who work under you.  You need to check your  ego at the door, decisions should not be made based on what you will get out of it. It should be done in the best interest of the company, which will ultimately  effect the employees under you.


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