Colleges Must Re-Evaluate Their Mission

The entire state of Pennsylvania was hit with a bombshell of an issue with the abuse cases at Penn State.  The legacy  of Joe Paterno is under question after 46 years as head football coach at Penn State University.  Which begs  one to consider who knew about this activity, but failed to report it or to protect the children involved.  By now everyone in America is aware of what occurred at Penn State, the question is how do you sort through this maze of disgusting activity and what does it mean, not only at Penn State, but at other college campuses across the country.

The status of college athletics and the power that coaches hold over administrators is  enormous. The mini empires that many coaches create at colleges across the country ultimately end up leaving colleges in shambles. We ere all too familiar with the mess that Bob Knight left at Indiana when he became bigger than the university. It goes without saying that the lure of  revenue from athletics simply must be reined in and colleges should get back to the business of  educating students.


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