Riots at Penn State After News Of Paterno’s Firing

Tonight  there are demonstrations at Penn State for the firing of Coach Joe Paterno.  Allegations that occurred this week in Happy Valley are  unfortunate to say the least.  But there is a larger message here. The effects of abuse  is immeasurable .  We cannot for a minute understand the impact that abuse will have on those abused.  There is a larger issue that must be confronted and understood  that college athletics  has a tremendous affect on campuses  across this country. It is sad that football overshadows a very unfortunate situation at Penn State.  No matter what our prayers should go out to the victims.   They were just kids, that did not deserve what happened to them. Penn State University should have protected them by any means necessary.  In the end football is just a game,  however the situation at Penn State is complicated.  Joe Paterno is loved and revered by nearly everyone on the campus at Penn State and across Pennsylvania as a whole.

Paterno built a strong program  and has loyal fans. The students called  Joe Paterno the  Father of the University.  ESPN was there in the mist of demonstrations and it was journalism at its best.  The students were calm and did understand that perhaps Paterno should have done things differently. Many have said that he should have. Did the Trustee Board fire him with dignity?  No one gets fired comfortably and with dignity. That is not a goal.  It legally cannot be done., because of fear of lawsuits.  The board acted  by firing Paterno, because additional information will develop regarding the situation and  the  administration that could have done more, has placed  Penn State at risk.  That trail could be endless.  So for once, however painful the Board of Trustees did  the right thing to stop the bleeding that has apparently gone on for a long period of time at Penn State.


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