Louisville Takes Backseat To Kentucky in It’s Own Backyard

How is it that coverage by the press in Louisville can give top billing to the University of Kentucky? This is a storied program and Louisville Basketball literally put Louisville on the national radar. Yet the University of Kentucky often get more coverage than Louisville.

This problem has intensified and grown over the years.  And is being fueled by an intense rivalry between the University of  Louisville and The University of Kentucky. Louisville has managed the rivalry well and put it in prospective.

John Calipari, Kentucky’s basketball coach appears to have an intense dislike and  works very hard at one upping Louisville.   Calipari did all he could to coach a game in Louisville’s new YUM center.  He succeeded.  The intent was to get a team of former Kentucky players on Louisville’s new court to play against his Dominion National team.  To those who know the history of this rivalry and much to Louisville fan’s  anger, Kentucky scheduled an annual game at Louisville former home court at Freedom Hall.  The Yum Center would give  Louisville complete control over who plays there.

Calipari went to great lengths to schedule a game in the Yum Center,  by going so far as being named  head coach of the Dominican National team last summer and recruiting one of Pitino’s former players,  Edgar Sosa.  Sosa would be an attraction that Louisville fan would love to see in the Yum Center.

Perhaps Calipari should spend more time focusing on Kentucky basketball.


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