Gold Rush- Discovery Channel

Hey never thought that they would end up deep in Alaska, searching for an elusive dream of finding the gold nugget? Not that Gold rush of old, no this was a modern-day Gold Rush. The dreams are still the same, bringing home the prize by striking Gold for their family. Families who are on the verge of losing their homes to foreclosure simply because, some corporate type decided to reach the bottom line by laying off a valuable worker. Or perhaps they are trying to save the bottom line by cutting cost. The point is no one cares. When the problems pile up by the thousands, there is no one on earth that can help us, so we turn to God, to see us through If you believe in God and miracles, then that is your ticket! These men are believing that God will help those who help themselves deep in the wild of Alaska to find Gold.

This recession has that kind of hold on us. This Group of six who traveled to Alaska, are on a race to find Gold before the winter snow comes, and it will come with a vengeance despite global warming. This recession will not help. Kids moving in with Parents, brothers and sisters moving in with each other. Still even some with no health insurance at all. Bring on Obama care. But this documentary is chronicling this venture to find Gold on TV no less. I found it by clicking thru channels. What men will do to help their families to make it through foreclosures and the recession.

The gold minors are at the moment of truth searching through the bottom dirt to find nuggets of gold. $1,000 dollars invested in gold 10 years ago is worth $5,000 today. God is selling for $1,400 per ounce today in 2011. So this is why these men are talking a gigantic risk to find gold in Alaska. High stakes, great return if successful. Will they succeed? Unfortunately they only came away with $2.50 worth of Gold after drilling down to 40 feet or the length of a 5 story building. There are no easy tickets on this earth. They will keep trying, stay tuned.


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