We Will Miss America’s Favorite Televised Blogger, Andy Rooney

Andy Rooney was a blogger when blogging wasn’t cool. He put his thoughts to paper and then presented them to the world on 60 Minutes every Sunday. When there wasn’t a football game or even when there was, Mr. Rooney always had his thought for the day.  He had a way of looking at life and finding the things the make us  wonder why? He has a knack for it. He viewed the world in a way that many of us do, except he said it for us.  That was Andy Rooney.

Believe me he had an audience, unless someone of importance was on, I would often turn to another channel and switch back to hear Mr. Rooney’s thought for the day.   He was influential  and he loved what he did. he impacted the world more than he would ever know. The world  offers up strange rules, regulations that give us all room to pause and Andy Rooney was sure to discover them.  He died today, less than one month of signing off from sixty minutes for the last time.  He was 92 years old.  We will miss him.


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